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A chilly winter climate juxtaposes Sydney’s hot desire for black gold and this can only mean one thing; truffle season is back. 117 dining’s Head Chef Luke Fernley is ready to tempt you with his tasting menu, showcasing illusive black truffles hand-selected from family-run Canberra suppliers, The Truffle Farm. Here, Luke provides a little insight into what we can expect on the 117 dining menu this truffle season.

Guests can look forward to delicate decadence, as Luke and the 117 dining team unlock the distinctive aroma of truffle, with the finishing touch to dishes bolstered by equally excellent produce.

“I am always dedicated to the integrity of the truffle, and I’ve aimed to keep this year’s menu simple, elegant and intimately connected with the source and produce. Each course has truffle grated, shaved or infused to highlight its distinct flavour but also create balance with the dishes’ other produce,” says Luke. 

Diners will begin their culinary journey with a made-in-house fettuccini, arguably the best vessel to carry a truffle’s heady aroma.

“Freshly made pasta and truffle are a match made in heaven, so we had to get our handmade fettuccini on the menu this year. We pair the dish with speck, slow-cooked egg, burnt butter sabayon and grated truffle to create a hearty, aromatic and harmonious dish,” he says.

Diners will then see truffle shaved over award-winning Piccolo Farm pastured quail, with notes of buttermilk and green pea. To end the savoury portion of the evening, the wagyu short rib is a double indulgence, with truffle both shaved and permeated throughout a potato puree.

The truffled brie is the perfect precursor to Head of Pastry, Simon Veauvy’s ‘Nutty Black Truffle’ which combines a macadamia praline with malted cream and black truffle ice cream.

“This year’s dessert is the ultimate combination of rich nut and chocolate pairings and the subtlety and balance of vanilla and truffle flavours in the ice-cream,” says Simon. “I hope guests enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy creating it!”

Complete the meal with artful pairings of wine, all sourced from regions near and dear. With an ethos that places emphasis on ‘origin’, 117 dining is the perfect venue to applaud this season’s most celebrated produce.

117 dining

Friday & Saturday

7.30 pm onwards

$139 per person. Additional $49 per person for wine pairings.

Discover our Tantalisingly Truffle menu here. 

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Photograph of main spaghetti dish shot by Photographer, Lean Timms.
June 19, 2018