Wedding trends: top 5 styling tips for spring weddings


Spring is almost upon us, which means so is ‘wedding season’. Spring weddings are ever-popular and eternally beautiful, with many couples opting to wed at this time of year due to the warmer weather and divine in-season blooms. There are many ways to make a spring wedding shine, and here, our Weddings Executive extraordinaire Alana Ross lists the top five spring wedding styling tips to ensure yours is the stellar event you’ve always dream of.  

Bountiful blooms

The first and most obvious styling tip for spring weddings would have to be to tap into the incredible array of flowers the season brings. From the most beautiful plush roses to violets and lily of the valley, and even the small November window that ignites the elusive peony, there really is no better time to take advantage of in-season blooms. Sprinkle them anywhere you can, from the altar to the reception tabletops.   

Embrace colour

As the bleak winter grey wears off and spring starts to pepper its pretty colours around town, there’s no better time to embrace colour than now. Think warm soft hues, like pinks and peaches, or make a statement with gorgeous bold colours like deep purple and burgundy. Even if you prefer the classic white wedding look, there is no harm in choosing a colour and weaving it into your all-white palette, whether in the flowers or the décor.    

Artistic catering

Okay, so I admit this isn’t a typical ‘styling’ tip, but food is art and we eat with our eyes, so you absolutely want to ensure the food you present is aesthetically pleasing and uses seasonal produce. Your catering will most likely get photographed a lot throughout the day, so work with your kitchen team to ensure it’s not only going to taste amazing, but also be perfectly photogenic. Again, using colourful spring produce will look and taste effortlessly fresh.   

Beautiful bonbonniere

For your bonbonniere, why not sprinkle in a little spring theme with a packet of seedlings for guests to take home and plant at a later date. You could even take this one step further and brand your seed pouch with a cute quote or your names. Another idea is a take-home plant, like a succulent, which are sturdy, or a little flower pot.

Gorgeous greenery

Finally, nothing says ‘it’s spring!’ more than gorgeous greenery – and the more the better, in my opinion. Greenery can be incorporated into your reception setting, with hired plants such as dramatic palms or ferns; or even in hanging installations, say hovering over the reception tables or over the doorways. You can dress any space with greenery and it will always take it to the next level.

August 3, 2018