The Truf-Fecta: A Truffle Story of Friendship, Furship and Fun Local Experience

Labradors truffles and fine dining at InterContinental Sydney
The Culinary Life

Let’s talk about the  trifecta that has got Sydney’s dining scene buzzing. Little hint – it involves our favourite combination: Labradors, truffles and dining with a definitive ‘wow factor.’.

As the winter chill settles upon the Harbour City, locals find comfort in hearty dishes rich with flavour, and this year’s truffle season delivers just that. The city’s finest restaurants are once again infusing truffle into their winter menus, celebrating the re-emergence of everyone’s favourite garnish post-summer slumber. Never one to shy away from innovation and seasonal flavour, our very own award-winning 117 dining has tailored its menu to the truffle connoisseur with a stellar five-course truffle degustation available Friday and Saturday evenings throughout winter.


Luke Fernley, Sous Chef of 117 dining, remains dedicated to keeping his dishes intimately connected with produce sourced from local suppliers. Harvesting truffle on their family owned and operated farm just north of Oberon on the Central Tablelands of NSW (about 2.5 hours from Sydney), 117 dining’s team has long been supporters of the Lowes Mount Truffiere, personally making an annual trip to the Oberon markets. With cooler weather and optimal altitude at their farm, the Roberts offer a nourishing environment for rare and delicious fungi to flourish.


Undoubtedly, the special ingredient that sets the farm apart from the many other Australian truffle cultivators is Sue and Col Roberts who credit their knack for harvesting to their incredibly adorable Labradors, Morris and Floyd. During June, July and August (aka: truffle season), Morris and Floyd spend their days sniffing out ready and ripened truffles. The invitation to join the truffle hunt is extended to all locals, a well-loved weekend tradition in the area during colder months. I mean, what’s not to love about cuddling two friendly Labradors and foraging through a picturesque field of hazelnut and oak trees for some of the world’s finest truffles? Join in the fun with Morris and Floyd by booking your truffle hunt here.


We’ve covered the Labradors and the truffles as promised, now let’s talk dining with a definitive ‘wow’ factor. Creating the menu for this year’s degustation, Luke Fernley infuses the season’s distinctive flavour throughout each course with the intention of exploring truffle’s dynamic adaptability for complementing sweet and savoury dishes. Fernley’s picks? While obviously torn, he managed to highlight the hand-made truffle pasta he pairs with slow cooked egg, burnt butter sabayon (using local craft butter Pepe Saya) and shaved truffle – delicious! Also worth noting is Simon Veauvy’s stunningly unforgettable black truffle ice-cream , which blends rich quince and dark chocolate with vanilla foam and caramel cremeux for the ultimate dance between light and dense flavours.


117 dining’s five-course truffle degustation is available on Friday and Saturday nights until July 31, 2017


June 28, 2017