Top five superfoods to include in your next event menu

Event catering

When it comes to event catering, there are more than one ways to tailor a nutritious menu for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re planning a health-focused event, or simply prefer to know that you’re fuelling your guests with nourishing superfoods, here are five incredible nutrient-dense ingredients you can ensure are included on the menu. Work with the chef and kitchen team on a bespoke menu with these easy-to-source superfoods and your guests will thank you for it.


Mushrooms – sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? The humble mushroom is loaded with powerful minerals and vitamins and are said to have ‘healing’ powers, especially for the gut and digestive system. They also provide many important nutrients, including B vitamins, selenium, potassium, copper, and vitamin D. Their immune-boosting enzymes are particularly high in the shiitake variety, while the common white button mushroom boasts anti-inflammatory benefits.

Maqui berries

When it comes to berries, most are antioxidant-rich, but the maqui berry really charges ahead in terms of overall health benefits. A vibrant purple in colour, these berries are native to Chile and can be consumed as the fresh fruit, in a juice form or as a freeze-dried powder (which is perfect to add to smoothies). Ideal for promoting heart health, a boosted metabolism and anti-aging effect, these berries are a perfect addition to juices and smoothies if you’re going to host a healthy break.


Boasting a host of medicinal powers, the elderflower is great for fighting off swollen sinuses, a sore throat the common cold, and flu. Iced teas, herbal teas, and garnishes made from edible flowers have been around for years, but the elderflower has an unrivalled antiviral effect. We suggest infusing your event mocktails or cocktails with elderflower to add a little bit of natural medicine to your alcohol choices (it might even help with the hangover the next day!).

Raw cacao

Ever since we heard chocolate was good for you we haven’t stopped celebrating; however, when we say ‘chocolate’ we mean the raw cacao bean in its purest form – prior to processing and added sugars and lactose. Powdered raw cacao is an incredibly easy to find and used just like its more processed sister, cocoa. For a dessert option without the processed sugars and empty calories, raw cacao date protein balls are an essential – they’re sweet, satisfying and good for you all at once.  


To end your event on a superfood-infused note, why not take a little twist on the afternoon coffee and rather than serve regular caffeinated lattes, dish out the healthier version, which is the matcha latte. A little quirky-looking and green in colour, matcha is packed with antioxidants, boosts metabolism, burns calories, detoxifies, calms the mind and relaxes the body. Is there anything this chlorophyll-rich plant cannot do? Don’t be frightened by the green hue – you know that anything green has got to be good for you! 

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August 24, 2018