Top five spring cocktails to include in your next event

Top five spring cocktails

The start of spring means the beginning of the festive, wedding and, of course, cocktail season. As the days become lighter, so too do our food and beverage choices, with party goers opting for fresher and more fabulous food and drink to set off their festive events. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, special occasion or intimate gathering, spoil your guests with any one of our top five signature spring cocktail picks to make a memorable evening.  

Noisy Minor

Nothing says warm weather like tropical fruit, and this clever concoction includes three of the juiciest fruits on the planet – mango, passionfruit and pineapple. Blended together to create a melange of topical flavours, this cocktail is sure to put a little zest into your festivities.

Brandy Highball

Boasting a fresh citrus zing and bitters tang, the Brandy Highball is a cocktail hour favourite in our light-filled Cortile. Featuring Australian brandy, fresh zesty lime, aromatic bitters and bubbly ginger beer, this cocktail has spring refresher written all over it.


When mint, lime and sugar collide, everyone’s favourite summertime cocktail comes to life and that’s non-other than the cool-as-a-cucumber Mojito. That first sip of a Mojitos instantly puts you into party mode, igniting the urge to get your salsa shoes on the dance floors.

The Pink Gin

Move over rosé, there’s a new pink kid on the block. Pink gin is making waves through the industry and we predict this blush-coloured liquor is going to be the drink of spring/summer 2018. Infused with strawberry flavour, the Pink Gin tastes like a berry dream – and will no doubt be this season’s most Instagrammed cocktail.

Watermelon Crush

Always a favourite hot-day fruit, a watermelon cocktail is the ideal way to kick off any special event and wow your guests. The Watermelon Crush sees pureed watermelon, top quality vodka, ice, lime and sugar syrup blended together to create the ultimate refreshing cocktail. This will satisfy sweet cravings and quench your thirst.


September 18, 2018