Kick Jet Lag in 3 minutes at Koa Recovery

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Travel is often romanticised as glamorous, amazing & adventurous, and it definitely  is all the above except when it comes to jet lag. So what if we told you that we'd found a way of getting over jet lag in just 3 minutes? 

Actually a quick search of Google will show you that we're not the only ones to have figured this out, but the difference is we now have access to cryotherapy here in Sydney at Koa Recovery and that's the key. 

Said to improve sleep disorders, reduce stress and significantly assist with jet lag symptoms, cryotherapy treatment is also used with athletes to speed along recovery after exercise and help with muscle pain.

With a state-of-the-art offering of recovery products and services for lovers of exercise looking for a well-rounded wellness programme, Sydney’s Koa Recovery, Waterloo is changing what it means to repair the body from those suffering with chronic pain or arthritis to those coming off the playing field or the gym's treadmill. 

The first of its kind in Australia and open only a month, Koa Recovery offers its already diverse and elite range of clients an alternative to more traditional methods of post-exercise recovery for sore bodies and aching muscles as well as a zen sanctuary to unwind frayed minds. 

We've teamed up with Koa Recovery to offer our Intercontinental Sydney guests a special Beat Jet Leg & Relax offer, normally $79 for a Cryotherapy session or for a FLOAT session, this guests-only exclusive offer is $115 for the combo package.

The Cryotherapy session will reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, and the FLOAT session where your body is weightless will relax you and it's said an hour floating is equal to 4 hours of sleep. 


So don't hesitate book your special Combo session now on: 


P: (02) 806 826 15

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By Guest Blogger, Arrnott Olssen @roguehomme


March 21, 2017