How to Mark Earth Hour in Sydney for 2019

The Sydney Life

With the twelfth anniversary of Earth Hour approaching on Saturday, 30th March 2019, we are shining a spotlight on what climate change means for Australia.

Earth Hour began in Australia as a simple campaign to raise awareness about global warming - the largest threat to the planet - and has since turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Today, Earth Hour has been adopted by 190 countries around the globe, making it the world’s biggest movement to tackle climate change and put an end to global warming.

While Earth Hour lasts for only 60 minutes, the event is symbolic of millions of people committing to preserving the earth for future generations. One out of four Australians participate in the event; let’s make the commitment to boost that statistic this year. Turn your lights off at 8.30pm on Saturday and shine a spotlight on climate change.

Insider Tip: Experience the best of both worlds – disconnect to connect. Enjoy your friends company and reconnect with nature by heading to Observatory Hill Park for unrivalled views of Sydney’s iconic skyline as the city switches it's lights off for Earth Hour. Take a picnic up to the hill and gaze on as the stars shine brighter than ever with the city stopping to make its 12th stand for climate change.

Find out more about Earth Hour 2019 here.

March 1, 2019