How to ensure you host a memorable meeting or event

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There’s an art to creating a memorable business meeting or special event. Despite the challenges and hard work it takes to pull off an amazing soiree, it’s all worth it in the end when you see the joy it brings your guests.

Here, our Director of Meetings & Events Alex Loriente shares some expert tips for how to set your event apart from the rest and ensure your guests are talking about it for years to come; so next time you host a Sydney event, you will be equipped with all the insider secrets. 

Decide on your theme

Every event should have its own personality to suits its theme and occasion. There is no one formula to an event and each should shine with its own character and theming – it can be a big mistake to leave out this vital detail. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas party or baby shower, choose a theme and colour scheme and work from there.

Decide on your budget

Your budget will determine every element when it comes to your event, so it is best to decide how much you have to spend from the get-go. If you have a budget in mind you know what and where you can actually spend. Determine your budget and focus on the important things like venue, food and beverage first, then see what’s left to play with for styling and any extra add-ons.

Create the full experience

We all remember attending events that really blew us away, and prefer to forget those that were a little underwhelming. There is a big difference between a wow-worthy and not so wow-worthy event, with the real key to making it a success is how you make your guests feel when they get there. It’s the little things that count, including a friendly check-in experience and setting up an open bar/offering food. A fabulous sense of arrival will really help set the scene.

Be generous with catering

Most people will agree the food and beverage at an event is the absolute key to an unforgettable evening, so this is an area you don’t want to scrimp on. People will notice if you have decided to save in the area of food and drinks, but won’t notice what types of chairs they’re sitting on as much. Mind-blowing catering is a must – your guests will thank you for your generous hospitality.


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October 17, 2018