How to enhance your events and grow your social media following

How to use social media to enhance your meeting and events
The Eventful Life

Social media can be one of the most useful tools for a business’s success and can be particularly beneficial for company events. It can help create a buzz, attract new business and widen brand awareness. In the modern age, it’s essential to keep up with digital trends and the importance of utilising social media to your advantage is becoming more evident with its continuous evolution. Here, we show you seven ways to incorporate social media into your event and make sure you get the best out of it.

1.Choose platforms that will make the most impact

The world of social media moves at a rapid pace; plus, there are many platforms available for the savvy punter. This is why you need to prioritise your time and focus only on the channels with the widest possible reach that make sense for your event.

For example, if your event is going to be a feast for the eyes, with styling and dreamy décor, Instagram would be your top platform choice, as it can capture all the beautiful visuals and you can create oodles of beautiful content for your feed.   

2.Create a specific hashtag and share it with guests

Prior to your event and to sending out the invitations, get together with your team and brainstorm an event-specific hashtag and share it with the guests when you invite them along.

Or, have collateral printed and placed around the space with your handles and hashtags, so people can easily seek what they need to do and know exactly how to engage and promote when they post.

This ensures all the photos are stored in one place and you can go back and see who at the event posted and what you might be able to repurpose for your channels.

3.Post in the lead-up and during the event

This will all depend on what type of event you are hosting, whether it is a ticketed gala or even a wedding, but sometimes social media can be powerful as a promotional tool and you can leverage this in the lead up.

If you need to sell tickets to your event, you can do so through Facebook posts and links; plus, you must have a dedicated person on the ground on the evening posting live from the event – doing stories, posting static images and engaging with other guests.

4.Craft compelling copy for your posts

Did you know that social media drives nearly 25 per cent of traffic to event ticketing and registration pages? If you want to help your event to stand out on people’s feeds, you need to choose your words wisely. Keeping your copy short and casual is key to hooking your readers.

Social media copy should be short, sharp and snappy – people don’t have time to read lengthy wording on each post. They are more interested in the visuals and the key message.

5.Prizes or competitions

A popular way to encourage discussion and enhance engagement is to offer prizes or run a competition on the night.

This could be a material item, a weekend away, anything you deem attractive and worthy enough to help increase that engagement and get people posting. There is nothing like a great incentive to boost people’s competitive streak.

To make this successful, announce on the night what is up for grabs, let them know exactly what they need to do in order to win and let them fire away! To help raise your following, as part of the competition, a requirement should be that guests must follow your account in order to enter. 

6.Live streaming

One of Instagram’s hugely valuable features is its live story streaming, which is great for people following at home and who have a vested interest in your event, its guests and want to keep up-to-date with the goings on throughout the evening.

Use this feature during speeches, live performances or award announcements.

7.Collaborate with influencers

Celebrity endorsements have been a powerful advertising tool for decades, but social media has changed the game. Now, anybody can become a powerful influencer with thousands of followers, all interested in the products and brands they’re using.

For this step, ensure you collaborate with people who are the right fit for your brand, whose audience would relate to your audience in some way and who believes in your brand.

Try to seek influencers who already have a huge following so you can leverage off their audience and hopefully gain some followers by piggybacking off them.  


Don’t forget, our team of expert events planners are on hand at all times to help make your event social savvy. Simply let them know what you want to achieve and they will be at the ready with solutions. 


March 5, 2018