Greet the Sun and Rise to the Occasion

The Balanced Life

The ‘silly season’ is rarely a noise free, stress-free calm period and often results in a chaotic discourse from routine. During this time, when time is so poor, is it more crucial than ever to hold onto your sense of balance and ensure your mind and body are nourished and given the opportunity to release and relax.

The ancient and trending practice of Yoga is a combination of movement and activity purposed with attention to the mind, body and spirit. Regular practice is hugely beneficial beyond the physical of Core conditioning, it helps correct breathing and balance out postural damage, improves stress management, reduces anxiety, creating the calm moments you crave in amongst the chaos.

Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is an excellent series of movements performed in a graceful flow, ideal for the time poor. This is a particularly balancing sequence because besides promoting good health, it also provides the opportunity to express gratitude to the sun for its life-sustaining role- encapsulating the philosophical essence of yoga’s foundational thought. Insider Tip: Sun Salutations are best practices first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

To truly see the benefits, practice on the regular and before long, you too may just find yourself habitually seeking time in your day for a yoga pow-wow.  Yoga classes are available at Odyssey Health Club, inside InterContinental Sydney.


February 14, 2017