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At InterContinental Sydney, we love celebrating love; and to showcase our commitment to happily-ever-after, we recently teamed up with a host of incredible talent to bring one real-life couple’s beautiful love story to life with big-day bible The Wedding Series magazine. 

For the loved-up shoot, picture-perfect Jade Jeffries and Jeff Lack were captured on location at InterContinental Sydney by photographer Justin Aaron, which revealed some incredibly stunning photos (which isn’t hard when your models look that good!).

With creative direction by Kate O’Shea from the Wedding Series Agency and styling by Ms Jade herself, the couple moved throughout the grand hallways of the hotel, being snapped in some of the most intimate and romantic moments.

Now, here’s a little bit more insight into the beautiful couple’s lovely beginnings… we hope you enjoy their story and the gorgeous photos that come with it.

Two stylish young lovers, Jade was initially attracted to Jeff’s striking ‘Viking’ features, sense of style and handsome good looks. Beyond the surface, she admires his peaceful presence and gentleman-like mannerisms plus his passion, creativity and warmth that puts her completely at ease.

Both working in the creative arena, Jade and Jeff constantly bounce ideas off each other and work harmoniously despite their differing opinions and viewpoints. Their mutually easy-going demeanours allow them to work side-by-side in photography, graphics and fashion, often collaborating on projects and using laughter to get by. When they discuss the future, they both agree they’re keen to work and challenge each other creatively and travel the world with their talents.

Value alignment and a deep connection are the foundations that continues to strengthen Jade and Jeff’s relationship. “Connection is what draws you in and keeps you coming back. Jeff and I have an incredible connection and we instantly felt something special,” Jade reminisces.

“Seeing passion and drive in a relationship is very important to me; Jeff and I are always challenging each other and sharing our knowledge with one another,” she adds.

When it comes to what Jeff finds most important in a relationship, he can sum it up in three words: values, attraction and attitude.

“Value alignment means that every day I don’t question whether Jade is into the same things, it just is with us. Attraction – nobody wants to hear it but I want to wake up looking up at a face I am attracted to every day and I’m lucky enough to do that with Jade. And attitude – ambition, work ethic and spontaneity are huge for me and Jade’s attitude captures that without question,” says Jeff.

This blog has been adapted by an article featured in The Wedding Series magazine. 

May 4, 2018