The Art of the Five-Star Buffet Breakfast

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The word ‘buffet’ alone is enough to get most people salivating, but few understand the intricacies behind getting the best experience for your buck. Check out our game plan that’s guaranteed to leave you content and comfortably sated.

Go exotic, rather than homely

A buffet is a venture far and away from most dining experiences, let alone what you’d be dishing up in your own kitchen. As tempting as it might be to want to compare your signature pancakes recipe with that of the buffet, one should take this opportunity to try items that aren’t typically being made at home. With this in mind, opt for buffet items that are made with rare or seasonal ingredients or are of a particular cuisine that is hard to find elsewhere.

Customise to your heart (and stomach’s) content

Take advantage of having your own private chef at your disposal and opt for dishes that are freshly made to order, with your discerning palate in mind. An egg station is the perfect pit stop for a triple egg white omelette with ham and spinach. So is a dessert bar with your choice of sugary creations. Customising your dish leads to endless and delicious possibilities.

Keep an eye out for signature dishes

Every restaurant is bound to have a signature item and it would be amiss to leave without trying it. Keep an eye out for what’s popular by observing what the buffet veterans around you are selecting. Better yet, engage the help of friendly wait staff and ask them what their top picks are.

Unwind to mindfully enjoy the experience

A buffet is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, so take the time to enjoy it! Eat slowly and thoughtfully. Not only does slow eating profess to many benefits to the body, it also allows you to be more conscious of your food and prevent overeating (of the bad kind).

Stretch your legs and people watch

Buffets attract people from all walks of life, take the opportunity to people watch from your vantage point. If you’re taking a break from eating, go for a walk around the buffet. Movement not only aids with digestion, you can also strategically decide what your next plate of food will be.

Opt for small portions and indulge in diversity

Variety is the spice of life. Having a range of food instead of just one type of dish will help you to power through your buffet experience for longer, as well as enjoy it more. Cafe Opera’s from land to sea offering showcases the very best produce of the day, painted in all the colours of Australian cuisine. Suss out what tastes best, and go back for seconds, thirds and fourths. Such is the joy of buffet dining.


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May 15, 2018