High Coffee



Meet High Tea’s devilishly delicious counterpart: High Coffee.

Sydney’s coffee culture shows no signs of slowing down, and neither does the demand for Head of Pastry Simon Veauvy’s iconic High Coffee offering in InterContinental Sydney’s The Cortile.

Created as a stand-off to his ever-popular High Tea offering – Simon Veauvy lets his darker, richer tastes come out in High Coffee, and his new menu launching this February is no exception. On arrival, guests will be met with an Espresso Martini, then be drawn into a journey through Vittoria blends with savoury and sweet decadences marking each culinary pit-stop.

Each coffee-inspired morsel – from the savoury chicken and mushroom pie and onion and fig tart, to Veauvy’s hero dessert, the passionfruit, milk chocolate and caramel tart – are designed to work together to indulge all senses in one mouthful.

High Coffee

Saturday & Sunday from 11am – 4pm.
$75 per person includes an Espresso Martini.

High Coffee menu

For further information, please contact Restaurant Reservations.

T: +61 2 9240-1396

E: Restaurantreservations.Sydney@ihg.com

*Please note that all High Coffee menus are subject to variation depending on season and product availability.