Truffle season is here and Senior Sous Chef Luke Fernley is ready to tempt you with a five course menu showcasing elusive black truffles hand-selected from our suppliers, The Truffle Farm.

Expect delicate decadence, Luke’s menu is elegant and steadfastly dedicated to upholding the integrity of the truffle. Each course has truffle grated, shaved or infused with absolute finesse, in a way that only our expert chefs know how.

Begin your voyage with our truffle fettuccini, made with fresh pasta, arguably the best vessel to carry a truffle’s heady aroma. It is then shaved over award-winning Piccolo Farm pastured quail while the wagyu short rib is a double indulgence, with truffle shaved and permeated throughout a potato puree. Our truffled brie is the perfect precursor to Head of Pastry, Simon Veauvy’s ‘Nutty Black Truffle’ which combines macadamia, malt and black truffle ice cream.

Complete the meal with artful pairings of wine, all sourced from regions near and dear. With an ethos that places emphasis on ‘origin’, 117 dining is the perfect venue to applaud this season’s most celebrated produce.

Tantalisingly Truffle 

Friday & Saturday

5.30 pm - 10 pm, last seating at 9 pm

$139 per person. Additional $49 per person for wine pairings.

Tantalisingly Truffle Menu

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