Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Earth Hour

The Sydney Life

With the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour coming up this Saturday, 25th March 2017, we thought we'd make some extra noise and call Sydney to action on climate change.

Earth Hour is the ultimate Australian success story: a simple campaign designed to raise awareness about global warming, the largest threat to the planet, turns into a worldwide phenomenon. In its first year alone, around 2.2 million people and 2,100 businesses around the continent joined in to participate in the ‘lights off’ event. Today, Earth Hour has been adopted by 172 countries and over 7,000 cities around the world, making it the world’s biggest movement to tackle climate change and put an end to global warming.

Making simple changes in your day-to-day routine reduces your carbon footprint dramatically. Catch the bus to work instead of driving to limit greenhouse emissions, consciously shop local and biodegradable groceries to reduce food waste or simply remember to switch the hall light off before you go to sleep to save on energy consumption. While Earth Hour lasts for only 60 minutes, the fight to escalate climate control is only just beginning and strengthening every year. This one-hour event is symbolic of millions of people around the globe actively committing to consciously preserving the earth for future generations. One out of four Australians participate in Earth Hour, let’s make the commitment to boost that statistic this year. Turn your lights off at 8.30pm on Saturday and shine a spotlight on climate change.

Insider Tip: Experience the best of both worlds – enjoy your friends company and reconnect with nature while showing your support for low pollution and clean energy. Head to Observatory Hill for unrivalled views of Sydney’s iconic skyline as the city switches their lights off in support for Earth Hour. Take a picnic up to the hill and gaze on as the stars shine brighter than ever with the city stopping to make its 10th monumental stand for climate change.

Find out for about Earth Hour here.

March 25, 2017